Past Mass STEM Hub Events

Past Events

High School Showcase & STEM Signing Day

May 2nd 2019 @ Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The showcase is an opportunity for ALL PLTW high school students to present projects from PLTW courses to industry professionals. All teams will receive real-world feedback and qualify to win three industry chosen awards.

Borrowing from the athletics tradition, graduating seniors, from our PLTW community, are celebrated with a STEM Signing Day. PLTW seniors are recognized for their scholastic achievements and celebrated for their post-secondary education plans.

Pull Toy Showcase

April 26th 2019 @ Peabody Essex Museum

9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. 

Automation and Robotics student teams design and build a pull toy using what they learned about simple machines and gear designs. At the showcase, students present their projects to Peabody Essex Museum staff and STEM industry professionals.

STEM College and Career Fair

November 8th @ Chelmsford  High School 

High school Project Lead The Way students had the opportunity to meet with admissions and STEM representatives from local colleges with STEM offerings. STEM professionals also attended to talk with students about career paths in various STEM industries. 

IBM Design Workshop

October 29th @ IBM IX Design Studios

High School students collaborated with IBM IX Design Studios engineers to learn about how to design with the user experience in mind and develop strong project statements to guide the capstone projects they will be completing throughout the year in PLTW’s Engineering Design and Development course.

PLTW Networking Conference 

October 12th @ WPI

This event for educators, teachers and leaders featured hands on activities from PLTW course specific breakout sessions to networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to connect with other PLTW educators from nearby districts and walk away with information about all of the PLTW happenings (events and PD) for the year.  

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